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Product Downsizing Strikes Again

September 29, 2015

Product downsizing – also called “shrinkage” – is nothing new. As production costs rise, manufacturers have a choice: Either charge more for the same product or shrink the prod... (more)

Cutting Corners or Living Well?

September 22, 2015

Recently, I was chatting with a family member who was talking about picking up her dog from the groomer. Now, I’ve had two wonderful dogs in my lifetime, and neither of them has ever set foot (o... (more)

Coupons by the Pound?

September 15, 2015

“Dear Jill, I would like you to explain why some stores get their coupons reimbursed by the pound instead of the actual coupon values. I have known about this for many years and I have seen my ... (more)

Readers Share Resourceful Savings Tips

September 8, 2015

My frugal readers often share some of their favorite moneysaving and couponing tips with me, and I always enjoy hearing the ways they’re saving. Here are some interesting and perhaps unconventio... (more)

Want More Coupons? Buy More Newspapers

September 1, 2015

Most coupon-using shoppers quickly figure out that more coupons equal more savings. I currently subscribe to four copies of our Sunday newspaper so I can maximize my ability to stock up during great s... (more)

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