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The Digital Divide: Coupon Apps for the Device-Less

December 16, 2014

“Dear Jill, In regards to this new trend of having stores’ coupons on your phone: This is a very aggravating situation to me as I am sure it is to others. I don’t have access to a c... (more)

Putting An End to the ‘Color’ Debate

December 9, 2014

Is it better to print coupons in color or black and white? I’ve addressed this question in my column on several occasions previously, but the debate apparently rages on: “Dear Jill, You&... (more)

Showing Off the Stockpile

December 2, 2014

“Dear Jill, What’s your opinion about posts people make on Facebook with pictures of all the products they get? Chris M.” With the advent of social media, people are able to share... (more)

Why Do You Coupon?

November 25, 2014

Why do you use coupons? Do you enjoy putting your coupon “earnings” aside for the fun things in life, like leisure activities or vacations? Are you saving to pay for your children’s ... (more)

Readers Share More Savings Tips

November 18, 2014

As promised, it’s time to feature more of your savings tips! Readers of this column sent all of the following ideas to me. While this batch doesn’t specifically involve coupons, there are ... (more)

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